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About Foxtel

Foxtel Vision and Mission

We are a top rung Internet Service Provider (ISP), best of its kind offering a wide range of services catering to homes as well as corporate segments at competitive prices that offer value for money! We at Foxtel aim to provide an enjoyable and enhanced experience targeting 100% satisfaction for internet users by providing superior internet services at extremely affordable rates making our mission statement “Experience the best with More Bandwidth.” This vision encourages us to come up innovative products, packages and solutions that impart better user experience at every stage with every user. Through our Internet leased lines network, we hope to gain our customers’ trust and confidence by delivering uninterrupted internet services through technologically advanced fiber broadband that guarantees maximum speed as never before. We offer customized solutions for More Speed, More Fun, More Entertainment, More Output More Adaptability, More Devices, More Time and lastly which add up to More Value for Money.


The Foxtel Brand serves to satisfy. With 100% customer satisfaction being at the core of our services, our focus purely lies in striving to deliver the nothing but the best to our esteemed clients, be it a household or a business house. We hope to spread our network to far reaching areas without compromising on the quality of service. We advance with times & technology, incorporating the latest developments in the broadband technology in our services to seamlessly blend into the internet space at local, national & global levels.

Foxtel Solution

Foxtel primarily aims to serve customers in two segments, i) Household or Residential units and ii) Corporate or Business houses and Offices

Services for Household or Residential units

We provide super high speed broadband services to houses, apartment complexes, residential units along with a wide ranging applications and enriching value added services. Broadband services to homes are provided through fiber networks (FTTH) that start at 2Mbps and go all the way up to 20Mbps with options for 8Mbps, 10Mbps and 20Mbps also available for uninterrupted high speed internet experience.

Another Foxtel difference is complementary Wi-Fi services in common areas of Residential Apartment campuses that can be enjoyed and is a major advantage as compared to other service providers. Residents of such areas can avail the Foxtel advantage as they get automatically connected to such a Wi-Fi as soon as they step into such Wi-Fi enabled zones through a simple process of pre-registering their portable device.

Services for Businesses, Offices and Corporate Houses

Foxtel provides Dedicated Internet Leased Line and other allied products mostly through fiber networks but are also accessible through wireless modes, which you can choose from depending on your need.

Connectivity, Networking and Application Services for Business or Commercial purposes:

Dedicated Internet Leased Lines
Wi-Fi enabled campuses with managed authentication and billing

Most businesses these days heavily rely on the internet for all kinds of communication. But they are often faced with problems like slow bandwidth speed or critical business applications not working. What is important to understand here is that sharing of files, internet based gaming, internet videos and similar unproductive internet traffics consumes up to 40%-50% of the broadband connection of the enterprise that adversely affects the performance of crucial business related IT applications like video conferencing, latency sensitive traffic, office email and productive usage of the internet for office work. Highly priced tools have inadequate functionalities and fail to support basic applications like file sharing, etc.

Commercial Customers can also avail our Fiber Broadband Plans, shown under the Home Segment plans and can select speeds (upto 20 Mbps) and usage limits depending upon requirement.

Check out our Fiber Broadband Tariff Plans to find out what best suits you.

For enquiries of service availability in your area, please Call us at xxxxx-xxxxx or mail us with your details so that our executive can reach you.